Cornflower blue.

by Gypsy and the Botanist

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Cornflowers are one of my favourite flowers.  The petals with the brightest, cool hues, dancinging between cerulean, azure and prussian blues.  The dainty, delicate shapes of the countless petals.  These take me back to Poland, the Polish summer.  In the country side, these grew everywhere, and I remember seeing fields of them, dotted with white daisies.  Cornflower featured in the very first floral headband I ever made, back when I was 10, sitting under an apple tree in my grandparents’ backyard.

Cornflowers are also edible, so it seems fitting I share them here on this blog.  My mum has always grown them for me in her gardens.  But recently, I decided I would try to grow them in a pot on my balcony.  A few weeks after adding this tiny plant into my pots, I woke on Saturday morning to find that my little cornflower had opened, shining brightly among the soft lavender.  Now to keep this tiny thing growing strong.

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