R.I.P. Mixer

by Gypsy and the Botanist


So today was a sad day. I was beginning the adventures of #testingforalice. I was trying to justify to my mum how I needed a Kitchen Aid, that it would change my baking life. I was chatting to her about the cake I was planning to finish today. I’d baked it yesterday, and was going to do the icing today.  And we walked past a florist who was selling these beautiful blue cornflowers. My mum introduced me to these beauties back in the house she grew up in, in the Polish countryside. We’d pick cornflowers in the farm fields, and make chains for our hair, sitting under a green apple tree. So my mum treated me to a bouquet, knowing that I’d decorate my planned cake with some of these beautiful buds. On the way home, I also found some hibiscus flowers on the roadside, and these beautiful big green leaves from a tree out the front of my place. All for this cake I was making.

Putting the flowers aside, I get to making the icing for my cake. About 15 minutes into it, my mixer started making a horrible noise. I look, and the paddles had stopped beating, and it was burning hot to touch. It died. Midway through. The cake sit there naked, and lonely. Was this in retaliation to my dreams for a Kitchen Aid? Quite possibly. Is this ample justification? Again, quite possibly.

I’ll be forging ahead with a borrowed old mixer stat. And keep on dreaming on. In the mean time, these beautiful flowers, given and found, decorate my shelves and tables instead.

To be continued….


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