Chocolate, rose and blackberry torte.

by Gypsy and the Botanist

photo 2-20

I’m currently experimenting with tortes for an upcoming project.  This flavour was what I was working on last weekend when my old mixer died on me, mid-icing.  I resumed, with my new partner in crime, this weekend.  Chocolate is always a hit, but coming into the warmer weather, I wanted to lighten it.  The cake is a dark chocolate yoghurt and rosewater sponge.  Inside, there is a layer of blackberry jam for some juicy tartness to break up the richness and creaminess of the chocolate, a layer of rose petal jam to highlight the rose, and an extra layer of the icing.  The icing is a white chocolate and rose swiss meringue buttercream.  To decorate, I used some roses from the markets, coconut chips, dried rose petals, as well as some fruit blossoms from the park across from me.

After this baking session, I think the KitchenAid can stay.

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