Things I found.

by Gypsy and the Botanist



One of the thing you should know about me is that I’m completely obsessed with flowers and plants. I nerd out over them. Big time. My home is like a jungle, with plants large and small, and flowers too, everywhere. No corner has been left untouched. On my balcony, I have an old dining table for entertaining. But all it now entertains is my balcony garden – it is home to all my outdoor plants. Any dining that would take place there, guests would be competing with terracotta pots of herbs and edible flowers for plate space. Oooops.

The other thing I’m know for is…. um… “trimming”… people’s gardens. Living in an apartment, what will grow is limited. I don’t get to grow beautiful majestic trees and blooms. So when I go on walks, it is not unusual for me to take a pair of scissors… and do a little bit of pruning along my way. I should preface that I never enter gardens. These are things hanging along the footpath…. Over the weekend, I went on one of my walks, and 1.5 hours later, these are the beauties that I collected. Wild orchids. Flowering gums (that intensely hot pink hue, I find it irresistible). Giant gumnuts. And the biggest magnolia grandifloras.



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