Wine time.

by Gypsy and the Botanist


If you’ve had a look at my instagram (, wine (and beer) is a big part of my little food project. I think the two are inseparable, and obviously, wine also tastes delicious. And as many of you may have seen, I often like to bring the two together – beers and wines and spirits in my cakes, in my roasts.

A big thing for me is keeping things local. My mum who was a chef always taught me to cook with what was growing in the garden at the time. We’d often buy our fruit and veg from those little stalls down a highway. That imperfect, spotty fruit. Which was packed full of beautiful intense flavours.

But I digress. Yesterday, while taking in the delights of what is quite possibly my new favourite wine shop (Annandale Cellars), I learned that one of the shop owners makes his own small batch wines, Clo Wines. So naturally, I had to try it. And what a treat it was. It’s summer here in Sydney, but the days have been cooler, and gloomy. He recommended his 2013 Pinot Grigio. Dry, deep, woody, and notes of summer’s stone fruits. And complete with a stunning blush hue. I can’t wait to try others in the range. If you are in Sydney, get your hands on Clo.

And watch this space for some more baking. I have some ideas bubbling away for other ways to use beers and wines in food.

Keep it local, peeps. Support the little guy, or you’ll be missing out on some amazing secret treats  – you never know what you might discover.



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